The Iowa Society of Anesthesiologists is a statewide association for practicing anesthesiologists, providing membership information, links, legislative issues, newsletters and more. ISA is dedicated to the safety of Iowa's surgical patients.
ISA is a component society of the American Society of Anesthesiologists. ISA was incorporated in 1965 as a voluntary, non-profit association of physicians interested in the practice of anesthesiology.

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More than 50 million surgeries are performed every year, and physician anesthesiologists play a critical role before, during and after procedures. Patient safety is always our top priority.

Anesthesia is safer than ever before, but there is always a potential for complications and side effects. It’s essential that a physician anesthesiologist lead the anesthesia care team, because when an emergency or complication does occur and seconds count, we have the training and expertise to help minimize risks, monitor for any problems and take quick action. This is especially important for patients who may be at greater risk because of their age, poor health or certain medical conditions.

There are many things patients can do to make their anesthesia even safer, reduce their risk of complications and recover quickly from surgery. All patients should talk with their physician anesthesiologist and surgeon before surgery, ask questions about their procedure and anesthesia care, and share information about their health history that will allow the team to provide the safest care possible.

Patients Can Make Surgery Even Safer

When Seconds Count, Physician Anesthesiologists Save Lives

Iowa Proclamation Recognizing Physician Anesthesiologists Week


Latest News from the ASA

  • The ANESTHESIOLOGY™ 2014 annual meeting garnered press queries from across the country (and the world). Preliminary results of media relations activities include 169 print, broadcast and online mentions of meeting news reaching an audience of more than 11.4 million. Highlights include original coverage by The Wall Street Journal, the Boston NPR affiliate WBUR-FM, Modern Healthcare, online news service HealthDay, Reuters Health, Popular Science, Fit Pregnancy and trade publications including Becker’s ASC, Medscape Medical News, Outpatient Surgery and Pain Medicine News.

  • Patients undergoing elective hysterectomies who listened to jazz music during their recovery experienced significantly lower heart rates, suggests a study presented at the ANESTHESIOLOGY™ 2014 annual meeting. The study was featured in the New York Daily News, Science Daily, Medical Daily and Medical Xpress.



What is Anesthesiology?

Anesthesiology is the practice of medicine dedicated to the relief of pain and total care of the surgical patient before, during and after surgery.

The education of today's anesthesiologists has kept pace with their expanding role in offering the highest quality health care available anywhere in the world. After completing a four-year college program and four years of medical school, they enter a four-year anesthesiology residency training program. Fellowships in an anesthesia subspecialty and in education or research may also be taken for an additional year.
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